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Cork Archaeologist

One of my best friends Martin Doody died aged 56 on July 8th this year 2015. 
Martin was Chairman of the Irish Kidney Association in 2012.
Martin, from Portlaoise. was in receipt of a kidney which made survival possible for an extra 18 years from 1997. By this year he had overcome many severe episodes of ill health. This year 2015 I also thought that he would rally round severe illness but sadly he lost his fight  for life. His friends and colleagues in the archaeological, IKA and medical communities were shocked. We cannot imagine life without him. 
Martin was my pal since 1977 when we started our studies in archaeology in University College Cork and several years later we finished our post graduate degrees about the same time. Our friendship continued while we both lectured in the Archaeology Department of  University College Cork, carried out research and interrmitenlty excavated…

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The Intelligence of the Irish Education System and more to rant over..

Irish health system, education system, child welfare and animal welfare are absolutely appalling. How long does it take to change these things!! We all need to strike against these politicians who sit on their back sides all day with too much money in their pockets! They don’t know what it is like to live in Ireland because they live amongst themselves, with their plentiful of money.

What about the homeless on the streets who have to suffer the wind and the rain every bloody day? Or the abandoned animals who go unnoticed?
What about the single mother who is too young for people to care, but can’t get a job or anyone to mind her baby? What happens to these people? To the people who work their asses off and just earn/get enough to get by? How come they don’t win the awards, earn the incentives, why aren’t they the ones with the power to speak for our country because they are the ones who know our country the best. Not the politicians who live in their fancy houses with central heating and enough food to feed the famine. No worries with regards to bills, mortgages or loans.

The Leaving Cert is another absolute disaster. What the hell!  It gets worse every year! Most parents do not even know how the Leaving Cert works nowadays,  a lot of parents didn’t even do the  Leaving Cert but are putting so much pressure on their children to get 400,500,600 points.
Points for courses change every single year. They are basically categorized on demand. The higher the demand for a course, the higher the points. The lower the demand, the lower the points. How bloody smart! No!! These people are teenagers! 16-19 years old doing their Leaving Certs. How do they know what they want to do for the rest of their lives?? School makes you believe that the Leaving Cert will define your live. Ireland has the education system in place for it to be that way. It basically does! Unless you go to college when you are over 23 and start anew, or do PLCs to make up points to get into college!

What sense is this? EVERYONE and I mean… EVERYONE should be entitled to go to college, no matter what points, no matter what the cost is. Again, you need to pay massive fees for college, accommodation and living expenses. If you get a grant ( which is another catastrophe ) you are helped along the way, which is fair enough but a lot of the time, the grant does not suffice and you are still struggling and then forced to take out loans,etc. Why aren’t we the ones who speak up? Who make the decisions? We are being led like blind sheep!

I believe that a person in second level education, should be able to say ” hey, I am going to study to be a nurse when I leave school” and not have to fear they will not get enough points to be a nurse. Most of the time, people do not get the points they need to get the course they want because of the incredible amount of stress they are put under by the Irish education system, their teachers, and their parents as well as other relatives,etc. It is incredibly stressful. The most intelligent person out there could only get a mere 200-300 points and everyone would be asking “Oh what happened to him/her.. I thought they were smart.. They should have gotten better.. ” etc etc etc. YOU do not KNOW what emotional state they were in, the stress they were under,  the pressure they were facing, You do not know how they were feeling.
When we are stressed, our body does a load of strange and erratic things. We are not ourselves for starters! Stress isn’t the way you need to go if you want to focus on your life career, now is it? You want to enjoy choosing and taking your time with it. When I was in 5th, they basically gave out to you for not knowing by now what you want to do after school! RIDICULOUS!!!

Anyone doing the Leaving Cert this year or in a year, or a few to come, please do not stress. If you do not know what you want to do, then take a year out, or take a few years out. Think about it properly. You do not need to jump right into college. No matter what people tell you.. Listen to yourself most of all.
If you do not want to take a year out but do not know what college course you want to do, do not fret. I was the same. Think about what you would like to do, what subjects you liked in secondary and look upon them. If you enjoyed science subjects, then maybe look in taking up a general science degree and go from there.  If you loved languages, do a general arts degree. If you like animals, do a general science and pick zoology. If you like maths, why not go into maths or engineering, even science would suit you. Take personality tests, career tests, but most of all, take time to reflect upon your own desires. Write them down, what you want to see yourself doing in years to come, and go from there.

If you find it hard to get motivated to study, email me(email is below) and I will to do my very best to help you. ( I have been in the same situation, trust me! )
I have helped people through emailing them advice and lifestyle changes and plans to succeed and get through the Leaving Cert so do not be afraid to ask for help!

Guys, if you say you love animals and want to protect them, then look down at your dinner plate. What are you eating? Think about it. If you love animals, you would not want to encourage this cruel system where they slaughter animals just for your sake. Think about it. Pro- vegetarian, yo!

If anyone has any questions or arguments against what I am saying, feel free to talk to me about it.

I wish you all the best in your exams!

Rant over.


Until next time,


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It’s not ‘Game Over’

http://www.her.ie/health/were-not-monsters-were-just-a-little-sick-one-irish-woman-opens-up-about-her-battle-with-mental-illness/ Best read I had in ages. Nicola Hynds is a brave woman! I admire her, and I hope sharing this will enlighten others in similar situations.

People need to speak up more about mental illnesses and stop the stigmas about mental health. People that you see and talk to on a regular basis could be and probably are suffering with a mental illness and you wouldn’t even know! Most people suffering are terrified to tell anyone. They are terrified of what their parents and friends would think. They are terrified what people in school would say and if they would gain some new bullies. People need to realize that mental health is just as important as physical health if not even more important! Your mental self is what gets you up in the morning. It’s what makes you be able to finish your homework/assignments and it’s what allows you to go for that evening walk. Your mental health is your motivation in your life. If you do not have that motivation for life, how do you do things? Exactly. You don’t. That’s why so many people out there, including myself, are suffering from these symptoms but there is no help really out there. Doctors don’t really help. Nurses definitely don’t help. Even doctors and nurses treat you like you are a monster or an attention-seeker. Your friends care but they do not know what to do or say and they definitely don’t know how to treat you or act around you. Your parents are terrified there is something wrong with their child but at the same time they choose to ignore it because they do not want to know what is wrong.

There are so many situations out there where people are suffering constantly but choose to ignore it and prevent it coming up to the surface for everyone to see. Sometimes it’s impossible to prevent it from coming up, and it comes up after some time of ignoring it. Because you just can’t ignore it and live a happy life. You need to face those demons, before they gets rid of you!

Anyways, I hope that one day people will be more open to mental health and if you think there is something up with you, talk about it. Talk about it with your best friend, or your sibling. Talk about it with a total stranger in a similar situation. Talk about it with a professional. But most of all, talk about it with yourself. Talk to yourself. Out loud or in your mind. You need to face the fact that you need to stop ignoring what is bothering you and you need to step up and face what ever the hell that is. Because it isn’t worth your life. It isn’t. I promise you that.

If your mental health is getting you down, please, talk to someone. Talk to me! I will be more than happy to help you. I will never ever judge you for anything. One of my aims in life is to help people going through the same/similar situations like I am and help them deal with them. I was so scared about telling my parents and my friends before. Especially my parents. I did not know what to think. But I want to help you all. I will help any one of you to the best of my ability. I know that there are millions of you out there looking for help and are dying inside waiting for the day that something ends you. Do not let this end you. No one knows what happens when you die, but I am pretty damn sure you are put here for a reason. Why not find out what that reason is before you end up cutting your life short?

Don’t quit. It’s not game over.

You aren’t alone. I promise you. We can talk.


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Be the Wise Child

Exactly. The youth needs to wisen the adults and older people. This little child speaks the truth! Material things are the most important to 99% of people in the world it seems!
People need to wake up and smell the roses, the real ones, not the ones on the internet or that painting on the wall. No. Outside. Get outside and live. Most of us, including myself, have been so caught up with the material things in life. Most of us can’t even remember the last time we went out side for a walk just to smell the fresh air or to hear the birds sing. Most of us would rather wake up and check our Facebook, email or Twitter instead of wanting to run out side and see what changed in the world! To actually think that we all live like this now, is so so scary to me. I am sure I’m not the only one here. Why is it that people NEED to check Facebook all the time? Their phones? Emails? Twitter? Tumblr? or whatever else..

Years and years and years ago, there was no such thing as these things. We HAD to go outside because what else would we do? We played, we danced in the rain, we cycled on go carts,scooters and bicycles. We chased each other. We hid from each other. We taught each other how to do things.We used chalk to draw on the footpaths and roads.We played Mammys and Daddys. We swung from trees and jumped over walls. We dug into the mud and weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We rescued baby birds that had fallen from their Mother’s nests. We found stray dogs and helped them find their owners or gave them new ones. We helped the poor. We knick knacked on peoples’ doors, filling ourselves with adrenaline. We scwabbled with our siblings when they wanted to play with our friends. We begged our parents to bring us to the park. We wanted to do so many things as children.

We said “when I get bigger,I’m gonna….” What did you say you were gonna do? Did you do it?

Do you remember those times when you begged your mam to let you go out in the rain and splash in the puddles? Would any one do that anymore? No.. Sadly Facebook seems more enticing to most of us. I don’t want to live in a world full of human beings who have lost their way. Human beings who have lost the real meaning in their lives. I don’t want to be one of those people, and I will not be. I am a 90s kid and I will always love to go back to those times and even older times. I would love to go back to the innocence and laughter and simplicity of life where we soaked up the beauty of nature. The beauty of the world. What happened to the curiosity to how mountains were formed?How languages form?How we understand each other? How rivers flow? Why storms come? Where the end of the rainbow is? Have you found the end yet? Will you ever? Wouldn’t we all want to go back to those times?

Well, we can. Together, we can make our lives the way we want. We can change for the better and we can make ourselves take a few steps back and look at our lives so far. Try and think of the earliest memory you have, and keep going forward and forward until you make it to where you are now.

Ask yourself this; Are you happy with that if you were to die tomorrow? Some of you will say yes, and I am so happy for those people. But I know a lot of you, if not most of you, will say no. That you are not happy leaving things like they are right now. Why?? Because you have so much to do! You have to take control of your life RIGHT NOW and plow ahead! Sow the seeds, water them and give them sunshine. Watch them grow! Be proud of them as they grow! Be proud of you as you grow.

Listen to your instincts. They are the most trustworthy signs you will ever need to make decisions. You need to make sure to listen to them. Let your feelings out. Don’t just do things because Johnny down the road is doing them or Sarah up the street is getting a new boyfriend every two weeks. If you want that, hell, go and do that! But do NOT do it just because others are doing it. Do what YOU want. What YOU crave in life. Life is not about the materialistic things. Life is NOT about money, cars, houses, mortgages, debts,bills,credit cards, etc etc etc. Life IS about meeting new people, spending time with the people you know and love, going on long walks and getting lost, buying a new puppy out of the blue, bringing the love of your life out for a date like you first met. Life is about kissing and being intimate. Life is about smiling so much your cheeks get sore. Life is about sitting down with some one you love being around and talking until the sun sets and rises again. Life is about giving all your worries away to the universe to deal with. Life is about having a glass of wine with your best friend and letting go of your troubles. It’s about last minute decisions, all nighters, lying down at night and watching the stars, camping and realizing how lucky you are to have electricity.Hug people! Long hugs. Kiss people! It releases the good feeling hormone called oxytocin; it makes you feel better! Listen to the music of the world. Earth has music if you will just listen.
Life is about being grateful for YOUR LIFE and the people in it. Being grateful for this chance YOU HAVE to do ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Life is about YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND, YOUR SOUL. Life is about YOU. It’s about surprises and imagination. Build that house you always wanted. Say hello to the girl/guy you like. Life is about NOT being afraid. Life is about opportunity and how you treat it. Life is about change, closing and opening windows. Life is about laughing so much your stomach hurts and you need to pee so badly. Life is about making the MOST of those long nights at summer and kissing your loved one. Life is about getting OUT and traveling! Travel, travel, travel!

Go anywhere and everywhere your heart desires! Do what your heart desires and do not care of what others think or the consequences. Be carefree and live your damn life. Stop biting your nails! Stop picking your skin. Stop telling yourself you are ugly when you know deep down that you are not. Nobody is ugly. There is no such thing. There is somebody out there that sees your beauty. You just have to find them. Don’t worry if it seems like you never will, because they are looking for you too. And they will find you.

Don’t hold yourself back at what you want. GO FOR IT. DO IT NOW. You may never get that chance again. Go skydiving. Go deep sea diving. Go fishing with your father. Play with your little brother or sister. Bring your dog out for god’s sake. Take care of your parents. Stop wearing all that damn make up. If you can’t see your own natural beauty, do you think hiding your face will help you see it? Get rid of the fake tan. If you want to be tan, go live in Africa for a month. Stop worrying about material things or appearances. Listen to your HEART and NOT THE MEDIA. You do not need to be a size 0. You do not need to weigh 90lbs. You do not need to be a skeleton to be beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So remember that, always.

If you want to be with someone, go and get them! Don’t wait for the last minute when it could be too late and they get with someone else. As I said, you may not get that same opportunity again. Although saying that, life is mysterious and I believe that if it’s meant to be, it will be. And to get you through the hard times, always remember that everything happens for a reason. Everything.

Cry when you need to cry. Laugh when you find something hilarious. Dance when you feel the music pumping through your veins , when you feel the beat in your chest, trying to get you to move. Sing OUT LOUD! Talk louder for people to hear you! Talk more! Listen more! Sing dance and play! PLAY! never forget to take time out of being serious and PLAY! No matter how busy you are, do it. Do it NOW. Never underestimate the little things in life. You do not know how powerful you are. Your mind is. Your body is. Your strength is. Your voice is. Any little thing can change a person’s mind on something so life changing. You need to be open all the time. Stop closing doors and closing your heart. You will not grow that way. You need to keep growing and growing and

building skywards

Be the first to say hello and the last to say goodbye.

Tell your parents how much you appreciate them. Stop fighting with them and find a way to get along. They won’t be here forever,and neither will you. The most dramatic life changing events can happen without warning in a split second so soak up your minutes with everyone you care about. Life is a mystery. It’s a game. You have to play it. You have to WIN. To win, you need to find yourself and find happiness, simple bliss.

Make the most of the NOW. Stop living in the PAST. The NOW is the only thing you can control. Manifest your future with your thoughts and dreams. They will come true if you focus enough on them. Put all your heart into those you love, and what you love doing. Talk your talk, walk your walk and do not be afraid. Follow your dreams. Live your life.

Life can either be magical or horrific, depending on YOU. So what’s it gonna be?

Until next time,


What is life?

I will go on a little rant..

Life is a gift – (or a curse- depending how you look at it) – you were given that has potentially good things or bad things that can happen to you.
It is your choice which path you choose. Paths can always change. You can always change. No matter what age,weight,height,sex,personality,habits, etc you are/have, you can always change. That’s only if you want to.

“Life wouldn’t be so precious, dear, if there never was an end.” a quote by a band I love, Avenged Sevenfold, means a lot to me. It should mean a lot to any one who may read this. Do you understand it’s deep meaning? Does it give you shivers like it gave me? Does it make you realize how short your life is? Does it make you think that we are all put here on this planet together at a given time, for a reason? It’s true. Life would not be so precious if we could never die. We are programmed to live and we are programmed to wither and die. That’s how it is, right? So, we need to make the most of the ‘now’, stop looking back at the past with nostalgia, and stop thinking too far ahead into the future with worry. Your thoughts create your future, you know that? So, stop thinking of all the negative scenarios that could potentially occur. Instead, think only of what you want to occur. All the good things. Only the good things.

“Not even stars last forever.” Not even the most precious things on this universe will live forever. They will eventually wither and fade before they fall to their death, just like the rest of us. We will die and live again in another life time. Regardless of religion and all that stuff, we all have souls. We can’t just die and that’s it. There must be something after this. There must be something after living our lives.

There has to be.

Rant over..


What my life consists of since college started…

1. Money is scarce, even though you work part-time.

2. You don’t go out every night like you thought you would.

3. I can’t remember the last time I went out, or drank alcohol…

4. My room is just as messy as my room back home. ( Don’t let the parents know that.)

5. Home-sickness becomes a regular occurence.

6. You really miss your pet.

7. Having no heating sucks donkey poop.

8. Gaps between lectures are your best friends.

9. You will never get sick of hot chocolate and chocolate muffins.

10. You really begin to appreciate your mother cooking you food, washing your clothes and changing your bed.

11. You start to turn into your mother by trying to save electricity and heating.

12. No matter how sick you get from being independent, you will never want to go back to school to do that Leaving Cert shit again.

13. You spend most of your free time on Facebook, waiting, walking/cycling, on a train/bus, sleeping, or arguing with your boyfriend/girlfriend(if you have one.)

14. You will quickly learn that you must go to lectures, but you will think of a great excuse for  missing that lecture like , ” I was tired.”

15. You will become to realize that Blackboard comes in handy.

16. Printers in college are always going to be annoying to use.

17. Wearing your own clothes is awesome.

18. You can be late for lectures that are held in lecture halls, but do not be late to those small classes… trust me on this…

20. You will never get a seat on the train on the way home, never.

21. The best thing since sliced bread, is well, .. sliced toast. Preferably with jam, sometimes just butter- for breakfast and dinner, sometimes..

22. You will love being able to do whatever you want, not having to worry about parents telling you when to get off the internet/TV/phone/etc and “go to bed!”